Intermediate Italian Resources

Benvenuti!  Questa pagina reccoglie presentazioni di vocabolario e grammatica che potete rivedere fra una lezione e l'altra.

grammar:  Direct Object Pronouns

A brief explanation of Italian Direct Object Pronouns

Possessive Adjectives

How do you say "my" "your" "his"....  in Italian? 

song: ESTATE

Practice the past and future tenses by listening (and singing) to this classic song.

Download the PDF for the lyrics with translation and a listening exercise.

the Past Perfect Tense 

Il passato prossimo con AVERE

A brief recap of how to form the past tense Passato Prossimo using AVERE as a helping verb

Grammar:  the Imperfect Past Tense


How do we form the Imperfetto past tense? And, when do we use it?

Film Clip: from Il Mostro
- Al supermercato


Watch this short video from a Roberto Benigni movie and then use the past tenses you know to tell what happened.