Beginner Italian Resources

Ciao! Here you will find resources to review and practice the vocabulary and grammar presented in class. 


Review how to say Hi and Goodbye, and how to i


How to say "A" or "AN"

The indefinite article in English is "a" as in "a child" or "an" as in "an orange."  What is it in Italian? 


Practice basic Italian pronunciation!


nouns - vocabulary

Learn new vocabulary with this video!


adjectives - vocabulary

Practice using adjectives to describe people.


adjectives - grammar

Here is a lesson on adjectives: how do adjectives change from masculine to feminine? From singular to plural?

Song: Sabato sera

Learn the days of the week with this cute song from the early sixties. Download the PDF for the bilingual text HERE!

How to say "the" 

This lesson gives an overview of the different ways to say "the" in Italian.


Regular Verbs

This presentation explains how to form the present tense of regular verbs.


How do you know the gender of a noun? It is all explained in this short video.

more adjectives

Here are more adjectives to describe people!

How to ask a question

Here is a short lessons explaining Italian question words (parole interrogative).