Beginner Italian 2 

On this section, you will find some of the presentations from class and short readings with text add audio. Download and print the PDF for vocabulary lists, questions, and exercises. 

week 6 PowerPoint

Review reflexive verbs and learn to name parts of your body, and to say if something hurts.

Canzone: la compagnia

Listen to this song while reading the lyrics. Notice how reflexive verbs are used in the past tense.  Download the PDF document with the text and do the listening comprehension practice. 

Text of the Song


c'È o ci sono?

Practice saying "there is" and "there are"

The present progressive

This PowerPoint explains how to say that an action is ongoing or happening as we speak.

Romolo e Remo

Leggete la storia della fondazione di Roma. Poi, rispondete alle domande.